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Guelph is located in southern Ontario, 100 kilometers (60 miles) from Toronto. Guelph apartment rentals offer citizens life in one of the fastest growing economic areas in Canada. With a population of over 100,000 Guelph offers a strong and vibrant community . Guelph Apartments and homes are at the heart of Guelph living. The city is known for having a rich architectural heritage and vibrant culture. There are many diverse and distinctive shops, cafes,and restaurants that invite people to relax, and the compact downtown and convenient malls offer a range of shopping. Many different music festivals, parks, and beaches of Guelph Lake provide outdoor fun for residents of who have apartments in Guelph .

# of Apartments in Guelph:7,295* - # of Available Guelph Apartments:585* (*as of April 2010)

Guelph apartment rentals range in price from $400-$700/month for a one bedroom to $730-$1400 for a 3 bedroom Guelph apartment. This area is quite affordable for any resident and family and offers a clean and enjoyable atmosphere.

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